Caroline Wright is an artist whose work occupies a space of imagination that exists between the gallery and the land- or sea-scape. She is interested in the dependency of work on the environment in which it is encountered; where the site is not just a stage but also an active performer in the piece. Her recent examination of the temporality of life and the nature of things has led her enquiry towards loss and value using found or gifted objects as her material. Her objects are taken out of service and transformed; and as tangible things they represent poignant examples of the ephemerality of being and how the act of being changes through life. In drawings and paintings, lost objects and forms, floating in space, offer an impermanent legacy, sometimes finding their way into small publications as a resting place.

Wright is a member of Live Art Collective East (LACE) and the Misreading Group.

  On The Wing, research image  

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