Caroline Wright’s work examines subjects that are common to us all - our voices, the way we breath and the objects and memories we surround ourselves with. Her work, which is realised in live and visual art, occupies a place that shifts between knowledge and imagination, presenting ideas in a myriad of forms. She is interested in the dependency and independence of work to the environment in which it is encountered; where site is not just a stage but an active performer.

Wright’s performances enmesh voice and song with live visual experiences frequently working with large groups of people who are drawn from the locality of the performance site. In her drawings and paintings, Wright examines the nature of things; selecting objects which are taken out of service and transformed; combining incongruous bedfellows and capturing significant details to create new ways of looking.

Wright is a member of Live Art Collective East (LACE) and the Misreading Group.

  On The Wing, research image  

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