Ebru Timtik Award

Two Hundred & Thirty Eight
To honour and respect the life of Turkish human rights lawyer Ebru Timtik, I worked in collaboration with artists Judd Moses Druce and Kay Parker to create an artwork for presentation to her family on the occasion of the first International Fair Trial Day, 14th June 2021.

The work, entitled Two hundred and thirty eight, has been formed from data that relates to Ebru's fight for justice, realised visually and in sound as two cross referencing elements that can be experienced collectively or individually. The sound work which is composed in a generative and diminishing sound pattern lasts for 238 seconds, the length in days of Ebru Timtik’s hunger strike. The sonic composition, represented visually as sound wave forms, has been transferred into a textile work of a size that references a blanket, a familiar form that simultaneously covers, holds, protects and reveals the form of the body.

The recording of the International Fair Trial Day conference can be seen here. The work is discussed at 1 hour 47 minutes. Grateful thanks go to Stephen Ellison, Laura Fletcher, Val Jacobs and Zeb Wiseman for their help and advice.