My Home is My Museum

My Home is My Museum, performance, 2014 My Home is My Museum, performance, 2014
Ship in as Bottle Ship in as Bottle
My Home is My Museum, 2014, photo Tony Millings My Home is My Museum, 2014, photo Tony Millings
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From the curious to the fascinating, the quirky and the valuable, things with emotional significance and everyday objects on the mantelpiece, we create family histories through memorabilia, keepsakes and heirlooms. My Home is my Museum invited us to cross the threshold as people opened up their homes and invited an audience in to a performance exploring and celebrating the objects they displayed in their houses.   Objects and stories belonging to Cambridge residents were been donated to form an online museum collection. A ship in a bottle, a small house and toy, dogs' ashes and a ceramic relief number amongst an eclectic range of objects, displayed accompanied by the stories that make them precious and treasured things. A discursive event with speakers Dr Rachel Hurdley, social scientist and Research Fellow at Cardiff University and Lotte Juul Petersen, curator at Wysing Arts Centre, brought together museum objects and personal treasures and invited the public to interrogate what it means to collect. A small booklet with texts written by the contributors has been published and can be downloaded as a PDF here My Home Is My Museum Booklet                             Online public collection of treasured objects  

My Home is My Museum is available for touring, please contact My Home is Museum will took place in November 2014 and was a key strand of Curating Cambridge: our city, our stories, our stuff, exploring collecting and curating from the personal and everyday perspective. The University of Cambridge Museums are pleased to support this project using public funding from Arts Council England.