Out of Water

Out of Water, performance and score, 2012 Out of Water, performance and score, 2012
Out of Water, 2014 Out of Water, 2014
Out of Water, performance, 2014 Out of Water, performance, 2014
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The singers are out of breath The swimmers are out of their depth At Holkham Beach in Norfolk the sea glistens mirage-like in the distance. In the early morning light a group of singers and swimmers strike out towards the water’s edge until they span the wide expanse of beach. They each look towards the sea, eyes intent, focused on the horizon, searching for something. Is somebody lost at sea? Stories of endeavour, of swimming, of sinking, interweave with haunting music, lifeguard drills, calls for help and struggles for breath combine with a haunting soundscore by acclaimed composer Jocelyn Pook and the beautiful voice of soprano Laura Wright. Out of Water was created in collaboration with Helen Paris and was part of the London 2012 Festival and is a Live Art Collective East project. A video showing extracts of Out of Water in Norfolk can be seen here   Out of Water film "There's a rigour and steely core, though, to Helen Paris and Caroline Wright's evocative yet sometimes opaque work, and a sense of inevitability to its strange unfolding events, avoiding any feeling of whimsy....but it's never less than gracefully lyrical, and its unforgettable closing image manages to be both magical and terrifying."     **** The List, 10th August 2014   "The performers interact wordlessly with the audience, inspiring a feeling of connectedness"   **** Three Weeks, 9th August 2014   "A poetic and musical meditation on how easily we can end up all at sea. It's a wonderful melding of performance and landscape"  *** Lyn Gardner, The Guardian 8th August 2014 outofwater-logos   An interview about Out of Water for The New Current can be read here   Out of Water is available for touring, please contact cat@artsadmin.co.uk