Voice Human Action

Voice Human Action, performance, 2005 Voice Human Action, performance, 2005
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The beauty and the power of the human voice explored in a performance in the Lady Chapel in Ely Cathedral. Performers moved smoothly from choreographed action to tableaux accompanied by a deep resonant and gradually emerging infrasound that eventually broke into a harmonic scale that developed in tone, volume and texture, overlaid with spoken words. The text was based on that used by speech therapists to reveal the workings of the vocal folds; it talks of the rainbow passage, an apt description for the vocal tract and the human ability to make sound. The piece was performed by singers, speech therapists, patients from Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge undergoing treatment for speech difficulties and artists. It was informed by research undertaken at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Southmead Hospital Bristol, St Mary's College Edinburgh and York University. Voice Human Action was funded by Arts Council England as part of the project Lines of Communication and was also performed for Camberwell arts Festival, and at Norwich University of the Arts and York University for the Netvotech Research Group. A review of Voice Human Action can be seen here www.a-n.co.uk/interface/reviews/single/364335   Voice Human Action is available for touring, please contact the artist