Cyclical Intersections: Spiral

Mind Map
This project brings together researchers, artists, disabled and non-disabled people to explore and discover new perspectives into enablement empowered by technology and creativity. I am collaborating with researchers Dr Tim Adlam, Dr Youngjun Cho, Maryam Bandukda and Dr Ben Oldfrey to discover where creative approaches can intersect with technology to bring new and stimulating experiences to people. Through capturing and measuring sensory responses to creative work, the project offers possibilities to harness sensations, evocations and communications in and across the languages of art, science, technology and humanness. Through workshops for disabled people in east London, we will focus on skin, touch, breath and sound, aiming to offer multi-sensory environments that are participatory and fun; where voluntary and involuntary responses can be translated from and into creative work using direct means and sensing technology. Cyclical Intersections: Spiral is part of Trellis 3, a programme of knowledge exchange between researchers and artists, part of the wider vision for UCL Public Art and Community Engagement to create opportunities for collaboration between artists, researchers and communities based around the future UCL East campus.